Phone Entry System

US Bank Plaza is unlocked during normal business hours.  If your visitors arrive after normal business hours, when the lobby doors are locked, they may notify you of their presence by using the Phone Entry System.

Phone Entry Systems are at the following locations:

  • the East Washington Street entrance
  • the P-1 elevator lobby entrance

The Phone Entry System is designed for easy use. Your visitor/client will simply enter a four-digit code selected from its directory, which corresponds to your suite number (i.e. 0500 for Suite No. 500).  When the four-digit code is entered, the Phone Entry System will automatically dial your office phone number.

When the phone is answered in your office and you have identified your visitor/client, simply press “9” on your telephone keypad for a few seconds to unlock the door. This will allow your client access into the first floor lobby. It will then be necessary for someone in your office to go to the lobby to accompany your visitor to your suite. Please note that if your phone system automatically sends your caller into a voice mail directory, the Phone Entry System will not interface with it. If your phone is not currently connected to the Phone Entry System, please call the ULI office for assistance.