Access Fobs

The “C-Cure by Software House” access system provides after-hours access and security for US Bank Plaza. This access system replaces conventional key systems and is intended to provide greater security to tenants. Unlike conventional key systems, access cards and tags are easily reprogrammed. The access tags for the building can be conveniently attached to your key ring.

To gain access through a locked door controlled by the “C-Cure by Software House” system, present the access tag at the front of the card reader. The card readers are small black boxes that are installed next to the doors that they control. In some areas, such as the elevators, these card readers will be installed behind a black plexiglass panel. When you present your access tag to the front of the black box or black panel, you will hear the electric strike on the door click. The lock will remain unlocked for a few seconds to allow you access through the door.

For additional access cards or to make changes to access cards, please contact Jacqueline Chesson at There is a non-refundable replacement fee for lost, stolen, or broken/failed access cards.