Receiving Dock


The main loading dock/receiving area for the service core is located on MLK Blvd. and can accommodate a full sized, 18-wheel semi-trailer. The MLK Blvd receiving area has a hydraulic lift to raise products from the dock floor to the level of the service core. This lift is large and acts as a receiving platform that accommodates any rear load trailer configuration. Controls are located to the left of the lift. Please use all safety equipment provided and be sure to contact Urban Land Interests directly if you note items needing repair. This loading dock has an intercom located at the sidewalk level that is connected to ULI’s office in order for you to request directions or other assistance.  The clearance for the overhead doors is 14'4".


A second receiving dock is located at the east end of the service core on South Pinckney Street. This receiving area will accommodate medium-sized and smaller trucks. The Pinckney St. loading dock has one single-action hydraulic-leveling lift to make deliveries easier. If you are planning a large delivery, or if you will need the use of the loading dock areas for a scheduled delivery that will take longer than 45 minutes, please call the ULI office in advance to avoid scheduling conflicts. For the benefit of all tenants, no parking is permitted in the receiving docks at any time. All delivery vehicles must be attended at all times while they are being loaded or unloaded. Never leave vehicles running while located in the loading docks.  The clearance for the overhead door is 14'7".


A third receiving area is located on the entrance level of the Block 89 parking ramp adjacent to the service entrance to the Ten East Doty freight elevator, which is clearly marked. This elevator offers access to the service core and hence to the balance of the block. Small delivery vans and pick-up trucks may use this designated area for short-term parking (10 minutes or less) while delivering office supplies and small packages. The height of vehicles using this service access is limited to 8’2”. Deliveries entering the building through this receiving area must use only the service entrance to Ten East Doty. This service entry and freight elevator is to the left as you enter the ramp and is clearly marked. No deliveries through the lobby will be permitted.

No goods or products may be stored overnight in the service core or loading docks without prior permission from ULI.