The Block 89 ramp contains 5 levels of underground parking, with 743 spaces that are available on either a monthly or an hourly basis.

The entrance / exit to the Block 89 parking ramp is conveniently located on Doty Street between MLK Jr. Blvd. and South Pinckney Street, directly across the street from the Madison Municipal Building.

The first level of the parking ramp is reserved for visitors and clients of tenants in Block 89.

The lower levels of the parking ramp are for use by monthly parkers. The parking ramp is connected on every level by elevator lobbies that serve each of the buildings in Block 89.

In addition to the elevator lobbies, the ramp has three stairwells. One stairwell leads to the sidewalk level of Doty Street, one that leads to the Capitol Square and one near the bike racks that leads to the lower level of One East Main. The stairs are clearly labeled with the name of the street they exit onto.