Maintenance Request During Office Hours

For maintenance requests, please call the ULI maintenance line at (608) 251-0707 or email  A maintenance request might be anything from a tear in the wallpaper, a leaky faucet or a burned out light bulb.  Anything that you feel needs attention or repair, either within your suite or in the common areas of the building, should be reported to the ULI office. 

When you contact ULI with a maintenance request, please be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Your company name 
  • The name of a contact person 
  • Telephone number 
  • Your building address 
  • Your suite number 
  • Description of the problem and its general location 

Our Service Coordinator will record the information and issue a work order.  Work orders are completed as quickly as possible, but in some instances they need to be prioritized.  For example, water leaks or heating and cooling problems issues priority over hanging a picture.   

It is important that all maintenance requests are submitted to the ULI office, rather than directly to maintenance or custodial staff.  Although the field staff is eager to be of service, they cannot be responsible for requests made orally.  Every request must be reported to the ULI office for proper documentation and follow-up.