Bomb Threat Procedure


The purpose of a bomb threat procedure is to have an orderly, safe and rapid procedure of conducting searches, providing prompt and necessary communications, rendering assistance, and evacuating and returning personnel to work afterwards.

In the event of a bomb threat against the building, either through a telephone call or by other means, follow the procedures listed below.

If you receive a call by telephone, you should attempt to attract someone’s attention in the office discreetly and quietly while listening to the caller.

Try to keep the caller talking as long as possible. Ask the person to repeat parts of his message. Remain calm.

Write down the message and obtain as much relevant information as possible. Ask the bomb threat caller about the following items:

  • The location of the bomb?
  • Has the bomb been placed outside or inside the building?
  • What does it look like? Is it incendiary or highly explosive?
  • How did it get into the building (i.e., mail or hand-carried)?
  • Where is the caller calling from?
  • Identification of the caller.

Try to recall every statement made by the caller and find out as much as possible about the caller. For example:

  • Sex
  • Age 
  • Voice characteristics (educated, low or high-pitched, accent)
  • Speech (fast, slow, nervous, slurred through alcohol or drugs)
  • Manner (calm, angry, hysterical, humorous)
  • Background noises (road traffic, music, giggling, aircraft)

After a bomb threat call has been received, immediately call 911 and then inform the ULI office of the full details of the call. As soon as circumstances permit, record details of the call.