General Information

ULI has incorporated a variety of balconies and terraces and a large central courtyard garden into the Block 89 design. While many of the balconies and terraces are designed for private use, accessible only through the adjacent tenant suite, there are two large outdoor areas for all Block 89 tenants to enjoy. Whether having lunch or casual meetings, or just escaping the office for some fresh air, we hope you enjoy the rooftop courtyards and terraces.

The largest landscaped courtyard is located in the center of the block and is available for all Block 89 tenants to use and enjoy. To access this courtyard, take the Ten East Doty elevators to the third floor and follow the corridor to the terrace. Outdoor furniture is provided for your enjoyment.

A large rooftop terrace, overlooking both the Capitol Square and the Block 89 central courtyard, is located at the fourth floor level of the One East Main and 33 East Main buildings. To get to this rooftop terrace, take either the One East Main or 33 East Main elevators to the fourth floor, where ramp access is provided.

Tenants may reserve the main roof terraces for tenants’ private company-sponsored events or functions, subject to availability. To schedule an event that uses an outdoor roof terrace, please call the ULI office. Tenants’ private use of terraces will be scheduled on a first-come first-served basis. For events such as Concerts on the Square, tenants will be allowed to reserve designated portions of the terrace, on a first-come, first-served basis, and subject to occupancy limits.